Larry Clark


Larry Clark

American Suburb X – “Tulsa an essay by Larry Clark


Tulsa is an autobiographical photobook by Larry Clark. It was shot between the years of 1963-71 and published in 1971. At this time Clark had been revisiting Tulsa, the town where he was from. He has likened this to constant returns to heroin use, relative to his visits.

I have always been drawn to this book partly because it gives an insight into the world of heroin addicts behind closed doors. One that Clark is able to capture as part of the scene rather then subjectively. The controversial content is part of the appeal, something that is still valid 40 years since it was published.

Another reason I have chosen to go back and study the book is because I feel it relates to my current project. In my Final Major Project I will be creating a body of work of my hometown Harlow. Having moved away and come back I am able to see it with fresh eyes. More details of this can be found in my Project Proposal.


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