Lucy Levene

Come and be my Baby

Lucy Levene







Lucy Levene used her bad experience in a night club to create the project Friday Night. The images portray the young generation, particularly in this are, as drunk and sweaty. The people in the images are disengaged with the photograph, unaware to their surroundings and just look hopeless. This is heightened by the style off photography, heavy flash isn’t particularly flattering, but it also isolates the subjects. In this project Levene is the anti-night club photographer. There is no pretty girls or smiles or club logos. The images are comical, but depressing. I can relate to them a lot as I work behind a bar and I spend my weekends watching people get themselves into embarrassing states far from their usual persona. Levene’s work here can be likened to Martin Parr’s photographic style. He photographs the British in a way that is amusing, but also makes comment on society that isn’t usually positive.


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