Anna Fox


Anna Fox


‘There is nothing wrong with avarice as a motive, as long as it doesn’t lead to dishonest or antisocial conduct’.
Business 1986 tumblr_inline_n0srh1v6It1qbbayd

‘Enjoy the benefits that have made an international success story… make stress work for you’.
Advertisement 1986 tumblr_inline_n0srieXaKz1qbbayd

‘If we don’t foul up no-one can touch us’.
Computer weekly 1987 tumblr_inline_n0srjf0f531qbbayd


In Workstations Anna Fox is critiquing the working life of people in the 80s during Margaret Thatcher’s time in office.

Like Basingstoke Fox has combined text extracts with the images. They are from business and computer magazines and adverts. This technique pushes the images to be even more effective.


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