Anna Fox


Anna Fox

“Colour photographs with text captions, a critical observation of Basingstoke life during the late 80’s”


‘Basingstoke booms. Basingstoke, music hall joke of old, now jewel in the crown of the M3/M4 hi-tech corridor’.
Basingstoke Gazette 1986


‘This newly generated wealth will percolate to the rest of the country’.
Basingstoke Gazette 1985


‘This town needs love says priest’.
Basingstoke Gazette 1985 tumblr_inline_n0sqsnkCe21qbbayd

‘To summarise, Basingstoke has a strong and developing sense of social unity. But there is a disturbing level of social upsets and something lacking in social vitality’.
Survey of life in Basingstoke

I am very interested in Anna Fox’s work, so I will be splitting into various posts about different projects. Basingstoke is particularly interesting because Fox created it during her final year at West Surrey College of Art & Design. She has also used text from the local newspaper to accompany the images adding satire, comment and constructing narrative. I am also experimenting with using the local newspaper as part of my work.

The use of analogue film and the vivid colours work well alongside the content which captures a period of time. There is something unsettling about the images, particularly of the house, and this is heightened by the captions.


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