Claire Milbrath

Two block radius

Clair Milbrath

via The Ardorous

june005 june011 june0311



Clair Milrbrath is editor-in-chief of The Editorial Magazine. Her photography which can be found on her Tumblr page is visual diary of Milbrath’s life. In some ways it is like an Instagram account due to the random content. But there are a lot of interesting images such as her Dick Pix shots for Vice.

I came across the series Two Block Radius on The Adorous and it was the name that interested me. It can be assumed from the title that this series was shot within a two block radius. It is similar to the idea of shooting my project within the constraints of my town. The photographs remind me of warm, weekday lunch breaks. They show various details of the street without the use of people. Some of the photos have strong lines and shapes and others are softer. Her use of imperfections and shadows make me think of William Eggleston.


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