Kris Vervaeke

Fortune Market

via Feature Shoot

kris-vervaeke-fortune-market-01 kris-vervaeke-fortune-market-11 kris-vervaeke-fortune-market-13 kris-vervaeke-fortune-market-15 kris-vervaeke-fortune-market-19 kris-vervaeke-fortune-market-23 kris-vervaeke-fortune-market-29 kris-vervaeke-fortune-market-32

Fortune Market is an ongoing documentary photography project by Kris Vervaeke. The building where it is shot is host to over a hundred fortune teller shops. Each one is photographed perfectly equal to the next. I take much inspiration from this project because of the consistency which is something I need to produce with my house photographs. By working this way Vervaeke makes comment about the multiple. The methods used for this project are similar to a school science project, whereby you have the consistencies and then allow for one change. In this the change is the shop. The results are a lack of customers, some shops even have barriers down. There are differences between the shops in colours, layouts and small details. But the amazing thing is they all look so similar that it is hard to see how they can compete against each other for business.

In using this as an influence for my own work, the layout of the images online work well with the concept. By scrolling horizontally along each photograph gives the impression of the shops all lined up as one panoramic image as they might be in real life.


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