Hanna Antonsson

People are Overrated

fingerspreadw leghandspreadw nipplespreadw scarspreadw screenspreadw spotspreadw

Hanna Antonsson is a Swedish photographer who is part of The Adorous a female arts collective. I am using a lot of their artists in my research because I can’t get enough of the work on there. This is mainly because the style of photography is something I am drawn too, but also because it celebrates and promotes female artwork.

Antonsson’s series People are Overrated presents the images in the style of a book spread. I liken her work to Natacha Merritt’s Sexual Selection where the images compare and contrast aswell as become part of the same subject. Antonsson’s photographs show the close ups of the human body on one side and inanimate objects and materials on the other. This creates rhythm between natural and unnatural and merges human with the world. It makes me think of robots, particularly the second image with the metal leg. It could be read as the delicacy of the human body.


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