Chloe Bartram

Chloe Bartram

Worth a look: Chloe Bartram’s Sparkle, Baby

via dvafoto

Sparkle, Baby I




Sparkle Baby II

Chloe_Bartram_Sparklebaby_04 Chloe_Bartram_Sparklebaby_07 Chloe_Bartram_Sparklebaby_03 Chloe_Bartram_Sparklebaby_02 Chloe_Bartram_Sparklebaby_01

Sparkle, Baby is two series of photographs to emerge from Chloe Bartram’s exploration of child beauty pageants. Sparkle, Baby I mainly shows the children themselves and details within the environment. In Sparkle, Baby II, Bartram has taken still life’s of items associated with child pageants away from the scene. The first series uses the children’s facial expressions to make comment. The second set of images are bold and emphasise the objects as accessories and add-ons. I think they work well together as a whole series, something Bartram has been successful in with her book Sparkle, Baby. In this Bartram has used a variety of book sequencing techniques to bring together the photography.


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