Strangers Kissing For The First Time

First Kiss has quickly been making it’s way around the internet. The video shows twenty strangers meeting each other and sharing a kiss. It is three and half minutes of awkwardness and kissing noises. However, it has emerged to be part of a clothing campaign for Wren Studio and most of the people involved are models and actors. Some seem to be really disappointed by this, even though by now we should be used to these kinds of videos. On the whole I think it’s a great concept, something that I haven’t seen before. And although it may or may not be scripted or have actors etc I think the raw emotion that is conveys and stirs in me prove it’s success (and I watched it after finding out the purpose behind it). A first kiss is often thought of as a private and sometimes long forgotten moment and this video brought a lot of memories and emotions to millions of people.


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