Online/interactive art notes


digital gallery


15 folds – every month they set a theme this month is evolution and 15 artist respond to it by making gifs. some are simple minimalist some are detailed. Gif is a genre that wasn’t considered art. Like grafitti and early photography / colour photography. Like these this has developed into something amazing. Whilst there are amazing animations out there gif is limited to short frames, but this is one of it’s beauties. Distortion. Illustrators, graphic designers, photographers. Surrealist.

“something repeated one hundred times has this hypnotic quality, and it changes the scale” Margot Bowman

“it becomes derailed, and you watch the trauma and impact over and over and over again” Joylon Varley

Different compression capabilities on different sites change how gifs look. Open source culture. Becoming more accessible with gif makers.

The Gif as Exquisite, Unironic Art

15 Folds


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