“He had a house on the corner with like an acre of land. It was just f*****g s*** though to be honest with you. It was a bit of a f*****g s*** hole, but it had like bridges and I’ve got pictures of me and my mum when we was young. When I was young. When my mum was young and she had a jheri haircut, like proper frizzy haircut, do you know what I mean? Like eighties hairstyle.

And then that’s where I cracked my head open, falling into an empty pond. I was like two so I just fell into it. I tell you this garden was f*****g dangerous though. There was all rubble at the bottom, just loads of rocks. I think I just smashed my head in. I hate it aswell, nah I reckon if you went in there now, it would just be a normal house, like proper normal. Like just nice, and you know, whatever the average family likes I suppose.

But my grandad had it like, he done it all himself aswell, bottles, bottles in the wall. Wine bottles or whatever, like cemented them in, so it was like, I dunno it must be like, you must have seen it, I’ve seen it before. He had that done like on one wall and he a bar aswell on his house, and that was all done with bottles the same. It looked wicked, and he had a pool table aswell, big pool table, when I was a kid. Got pictures of that when I was like in a nappy walking around with a couple of cue sticks. It’s mental. There’s so much history in that house, but then he died there aswell, but he died well young.

But he was a f*****g massive p*** head. Big time. And he just loved getting on it all the time, getting on the women. He was about 60 when he died. Don’t really remember. I wish I remembered him more. I’m trying to think now how old I was when he died. I think I must have been about nine. You would have thought I’d like known him better, you know what I mean. I do remember him just being really generous he used to buy us s*** all the time. Yeah it was Danny’s grandad, yeah. It’s Micky. Or Michael.”


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