Wyvern Bindery

Today I visited The Wyvern Bindery in Clerkenwell in preparation for printing and binding my photobook.

The bindery is a beautiful old fashioned store on the high street filled with piles books and contraptions.

They gave me this checklist to follow when printing my book:

  • The heavier the paper the less well the book is going to open
  • Get the grain direction right, it should be parallel to the spine.  It’s important and does make a huge difference (despite what your printer may tell you)
  • Don’t have text / image too close to the spine (we need room to stitch the book and also as the book won’t open flat you don’t want anything too tight to the gutter, unless of course your images bleed)

They also elaborate on grain direction on their website.

Most manufactured paper has a grain. This allows the paper to be folded or torn more easily in one direction.

When providing pages you need to print in the appropriately grained paper. You want the grain of the paper to run parallel to the spine of the book. To determine the grain direction try gently folding the paper from edge to edge both ways. You will find more resistance against the grain.

And this in reference to single sheet binding, which I am doing.

When we make a book with single sheets we stitch directly through the text block. To allow for this you will need to add an additional 5mm to your spine margin. We suggest a light weight paper for better results.

Call for advice if you are thinking about using heavier weight papers. The option of creasing is available to assist opening.

Wyvern Bindery

56-58 Clerkenwell Road


Photograph: Spitalfields Life

Map: Wyvern Bindery


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