About 2

This blog is for my final major project for digital photography at London South Bank University. I am currently building a body of work based around my hometown Harlow and the people in it. Alongside my own photography this blog is a diary of my processes and visual research sources.

The project has the working title, Pram Town. This was the nickname for Harlow in the 60’s and 70’s because of the high number of young families that moved there. It is also a reflection of the current reputation of the town and the numerous young mums. The photographs I am producing and working with at the moment are portraits, architecture and small details of the town such as graffiti and flowers. My initial idea was to work with archival images of Harlow as well, this is something that I am still hoping to try.

I am also looking to work with combining text and image. The main source of this text is quotations either heard walking around or from the people who’s portraits I’ve taken. The quotes accompanying the ‘ladies under the dryers’ photos are taken from Spotted: Harlow.

The project is continually changing and developing. A strong likely final outcome for the project is a web based presentation of the work alongside prints and a photobook/series of mini books that are going to be exhibited at Studio 54, 5th-7th June ’14.


Zoe Macleay

email: zoemacleay@hotmail.com

twitter: @zoe_macleay

instagram: @zoe_macleay

flickr: flickr.com/zoemacleay


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